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Are you a big-photo trouble solver who loves placing bold goals? Do you have an ardor for information on how every line of code impacts all of the others? In the Core Operating Systems organization, you’ll make certain the OS is inseparable from every device’s identification as a whole. That’s due to the fact this organization is dedicated to constructing absolutely included running structures that integrate hardware, software programs, and apps right into a single Apple experience. Your willpower for cross-disciplinary collaboration will assist in broadening groundbreaking technologies, consisting of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. By crafting those distinct, multidisciplinary personal experiences, you’ll uphold and boost the distinction human beings anticipate from Apple devices. Apple Jobs (Data Entry Remote)

The Platform Services & Operations group in Core OS is searching for a Workflow Systems Analyst to lay out and broaden important workflow tooling at scale. We allow groups to supply excessive exceptional software programs through high-satisfactory magnificence engineering experiences, green workflow, facts-pushed insights, and a tradition of non-stop improvement. Your recognition is handing over beneficial facts and insights, and attractive with companions throughout the agency to offer education in assistance of workflow initiatives. Apple Jobs (Data Entry Remote)

Key Qualifications

3+ years of expert experience as a Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Analyst
Solid running information of Analytics: visualization, statistics, and the Analytics Maturity Curve (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive)
Ability to show studies into perception: broaden key metrics, advocate coverage changes, and supply movement plans to all tiers of leadership
Advanced Tableau developer
Capable SQL person: aggregation, nested queries, and facts inspection/validation

Dashboard Developer: visualize key metrics and development closer to goals
Analyst: perception and visualization professional for a mature group of Data Scientists and Engineers
Iterative dashboard layout: offering to groups, amassing feedback, and improving give-up products
Characterize the modern-day nation of the workflow: profile complicated structures, file them, and goal regions for improvement
Insights: become aware of styles and tendencies in massive fact sets, Apple Jobs (Data Entry Remote)
Change Agent: running without delay with companion pressure movement — translate perception into wins
Education & Experience

B.S. in Data Science, Computer Science, or equal experience.
Additional Requirements

Preferred Skills:

Familiarity with Software Development Analytics: CICD, DORA metrics, and LEAN software program transport
Experience in Software Development: information construct pipelines, merging, checking structures and methods, and the transport of code
Product Ownership: absolutely answerable for key effects for a project — experience riding efforts and generating concrete effects through analytics
Project management: plan and pressure efforts, running throughout associate groups closer to a unified goal, Apple Jobs (Data Entry Remote)

Apple personnel additionally have the possibility to grow to be Apple shareholders through participation in Apple’s discretionary worker inventory applications. Apple personnel are eligible for discretionary limited inventory unit awards and should buy Apple inventory at a reduction if voluntarily collaborating in Apple’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan. You’ll additionally acquire advantages which include: Comprehensive clinical and dental coverage, retirement advantages, various discounted merchandise and unfastened services, and for formal schooling associated with advancing your profession at Apple, compensation for sure academic expenses — which include tuition. Additionally, this function is probably eligible for discretionary bonuses or fee bills in addition to relocation. Apple Jobs (Data Entry Remote)

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