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Starting late last year and lasting into this spring, Amazon layoffs slashed roughly 27,000 jobs at the company.

At the end of October 2023, however, Amazon's jobs site listed more than 500 full-time and seasonal positions and more than 300 part-time roles. Several roles were listed as available to employees seeking virtual or hybrid work despite an internal fight over how often Amazon employees should show up in person.

In May, Amazon began requiring corporate employees to work in the office at least three times a week, Insider previously reported. The company told remote employees that they may need to relocate near their office hubs, and those who refused to return to the office were told to take a "voluntary resignation" package.

This fall, an Insider report revealed that Amazon was tracking and sharing individual office attendance records. Amazon also reportedly told managers that they can fire employees who don't adhere to the return-to-office mandate.

Despite all that, Amazon still features a remote jobs page on its AmazonJobs website that says "Amazon has virtual (or "remote") positions available to qualified individuals who live in some areas." The company says on the page that remote work can be discussed with a recruiter during the interview process.

How much does Amazon pay to work from home?
Salaries at Amazon vary, depending on the role. The company says its compensation "reflects the cost of labor across several U.S. geographic markets." Pay is based on market location, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Here are some examples:

An Area Manager II position based in Ohio with the option for virtual work has a pay range of $61,400 to $100,000 per year.
A Senior Project Manager role that's open to virtual candidates pays between $121,000 and $235,200 annually.
A virtual Operations Engineer annual salary ranges from $48,600 to $93,500.

Can you actually work for Amazon from home?
The AmazonJobs website includes a page about remote work opportunities. Amazon requires most corporate employees to work in the office at least three times a week, but some of the company's roles say they offer the possibility of remote work or a hybrid of remote and in-office work.
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